March 21, 2023

Why "Mom Groups" Are Everything (with guest Helena Andrews-Dyer)


Do you feel lonely as a mom of littles but unsure about how to go about making other mom friends - and how to know when you've found ones that click? Helena Andrews-Dyer discusses her experience charting these waters in her new book "The Mamas."

How do you find an authentic mom group that lets you be yourself, especially when you're the only mother of color there? Helena Andrews-Dyer discusses learnings from mothers with different lived experiences with Molly and Blaire.

Helena Andrews-Dyer is an award-winning culture reporter for The Washington Post, covering the intersection of popular culture, race, politics and art in the nation’s capital. Her third book, “The Mamas: What I Learned About Kids, Class and Race From Moms Not Like Me,” was published by Crown in August 2022. 

Helena, Blaire, and Molly discuss:

  • The "second knowing" that mothers of color have
  • When motherhood is not a universal experience
  • How to make mom friendships that are authentic

When your mom friends are willing to sit in discomfort with their own biases, and when you feel you can be around them without stepping on eggshells or withholding parts of yourself, those are the mom friendships that are healthy and beneficial to maintain long-term.

Here's where you can find Helena:

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