You vs. Your Kid's School (And How To Get on the Same Page)

Nov. 22, 2022

Does your child's teacher discipline or educate differently than you would like? Before you march down to the principal's office, here are some ways to have a constructive, calm discussion about your concerns with your child…

Why Kids Lie

Nov. 15, 2022

Has your little one started telling tales, and not the fun-cute-toddler-rant kind? Here's why kids lie and what we can do about it.

Forming a Stronger Bond with Our Kids

Nov. 8, 2022

Do you worry that you're not forming a strong bond with your toddler, or have lost the bond you used to have? Plenty of things could be contributing to that fact, and none of them are your fault.

Solo Parenting Seasons (And How to Get Through Them)

Nov. 1, 2022

Is your spouse away for extended periods of time, leaving you to solo parent the kids for weeks or maybe even months? Solo parenting is tough, but there are ways you and your partner can work together to make it a little eas…

I'd Pay for That!

Oct. 25, 2022

What would you pay any amount of money for if it made your life easier? Sick daycare? Self-dressing toddler clothes? Car Roombas? Our listeners came up with some zillion-dollar ideas that Molly and Blaire want to invent righ…

When Partners Parent Differently

Oct. 18, 2022

Do you and your partner disagree about how to discipline your child? Is it getting in the way of parenting successfully? Molly and Blaire discuss why it’s important to be a united parenting front and simple, actionable steps…

Best Of: Our Biggest Parenting Fears

Oct. 11, 2022

When you’re a parent, “head worrier” is a big part of the job description. While it would be tempting to just bubble wrap our kids until college, in this “best of” episode we discuss how to face - and manage - some of the mo…

Birthday Parties: They're a Lot

Oct. 4, 2022

When did kids' birthday parties get so lavish? What hacks can we use to stay sane and not go broke when planning one? When it comes to your child’s birthday, it may be possible to have your cake and eat it too.

Teaching Kids Kindness

Sept. 27, 2022

One minute it's sweet, one minute it's sour. No, not your chicken dinner. Your household, when your kid is cuddling with you and then turns on a dime and throws a tantrum. How can we show our kids that kindness is king? (And…

Wait - We Can Do That? (Brilliant Parenting Approaches Around The World)

Sept. 20, 2022

What can we learn from parents in China, Denmark, or Taiwan? Parenting is so different around the globe, and it’s always interesting to gain child-rearing perspectives in locales from Lyon to Lichtenstein.

Stuff We Swore We'd Never Say (But Still Do)

Sept. 13, 2022

Ever have a moment where you say something to your kid, and suddenly, somehow, it’s your mom talking? You’re not alone. Here are the things that we- and the #todpurgs fam- swore we’d never say as parents, and somehow do anyw…

Play Date Etiquette

Sept. 6, 2022

Wondering how to find suitable playmates for your kid? Wondering how long playdates should be? Wondering if alcohol will be served? Here's some playdate etiquette for your listening pleasure.

Postpartum Depression? or Baby Blues?

Aug. 30, 2022

Society tells us that motherhood is easy, breezy, beautiful, and natural. So why do new mothers feel anxious, depressed, or alone? And are these feelings signs of post-partum depression or to-be-expected baby blues? Molly an…

Aren't Moms Funny? (With Guests Kate Zelensky and Cody Lindquist)

Aug. 23, 2022

Why does it feel like our kids are the toughest crowd of all? And where do they get their impeccable comedy timing? Kate Zelensky and Cody Lindquist join our hosts to discuss their comedy careers, their kids, and the perils …

At Home With Covid: How to Make It Through Your Entire Family Being Sick At The Same Time

Aug. 16, 2022

What happens when an entire family goes down with Covid-19? Blaire can tell you all about it, as this happened to her last week! Here are some strategies for dealing with the virus when it takes down multiple family members.

Best Of: All the Feels - Mom Guilt, Rage, and Shame

Aug. 9, 2022

Mom guilt. Mom rage. Shame. We feel them, then we feel bad. Which doesn't help us feel any better. Here’s how to acknowledge, anticipate, sit with, process, and redirect these feelings, without beating ourselves up for havin…

Having Tough Conversations with Our Little Ones

Aug. 2, 2022

Difficult news and conversations seem to be all around us these days. Molly and Blaire give us tips for talking to little ones about challenging topics while taking care of ourselves at the same time (and letting up on the d…

The Most Stressful Place On Earth: The Disney Conundrum

July 26, 2022

Hot and muggy weather + farting bugs + unavailable lightning lanes = happiest place on Earth? For some people (Blaire, it's Blaire) Disney World is not a fantasy land. Are we ruining our kids’ childhoods by not taking them t…

Helping Our Kids Keep a Positive Body Image

July 19, 2022

“You’re so pretty!” “You’re so handsome!” Our children are beautiful, yes, but how do we teach them to have positive images of themselves no matter what? Especially when unobtainable beauty standards and diet culture messagi…

Separation Anxiety (and How to Help Your Kids Cope)

July 12, 2022

It's natural for kids to cling to their parents and caretakers - and both parents and children can experience separation anxiety when it’s time to go to work or daycare. In this episode we're talking about how to cope when i…

How to Talk to Our Kids About Gender Identities

July 5, 2022

If only we could hand our daughter a Tonka truck or our son a doll and consider ourselves parents of the year for defying gender stereotypes. Turns out it’s a little more complicated when it comes to discussing gender identi…

Sports: Which Ones, What Ages, and Why

June 28, 2022

Molly and Blaire discuss healthy ways to introduce all kinds of sports to young kids, what’s important to remember when getting kids to move their bodies, and why theater should be considered a competitive sport too.

What Would You Do With a Week Off From Parenting?

June 21, 2022

Let’s fly, let’s fly away! We may not all dream of going down to Acapulco Bay, but most of us imagine getting away for a day or even a few hours. Should we feel guilty about it? And which snacks would we bring? Molly and Bla…

Celebrating Our Dads (Happy Father's Day!)

June 14, 2022

Get out your ties, your tool belts, and your grilling aprons, because it's time to celebrate our dads and all the father figures in our lives! Molly and Blaire get their dads to spill the beans about all of their parenting s…