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Thank you

Thank you for making annoying toddler behaviors funny. As a director of a non profit childcare center this podcast is not only the funnest thing I ever heard it’s the TRUTH. I’m also a YOUNG glam~ ma to a toddler 🤣So it’s SUPER helpful. My daughter also loves it. This pod keeps me sane.

Comedy and vulnerability

THANK YOU for providing a podcast for toddler parents that helps me laugh about the things I spend so much time worrying about. The recent episode about guilt/rage had me both laughing out loud and crying from knowing I’m not alone. THIS is what I needed. Will recommend to any toddler parent/guardian who just needs to hear they’re not crazy and fall out of their chair laughing in the process.


The podcast I did not know I needed. Thank you thank you thank you. As a first time mom- this podcast is sooooo validating!!! Ugh thank you for this space ❤️😭

I can relate so much

Just found them because I’m struggling with 2 toddlers and its so refreshing to hear not only someone going through something similar but also getting advice on what to do.

So funny! Don’t miss it!

Really a great, sweet, and wonderful podcast about parenting and kids! Definitely one to listen too!

So relatable, so fun!

I love how universal these observations are about life with a toddler. They’re funny because they’re true! And they’re funny because these hosts are so funny and are delighting in the joys and challenges of being a parent.

Most excellent.

I’m not even a mom and I’m finding myself laughing along with these two. Their chemistry is so lovely and they are both clearly both incredibly smart and incredibly big hearted. Thank you for such a fun listen that goes beyond only one demographic!

Thank you!!!

This podcast is smart and hysterical! I’m a FTM so I love hearing from other Moms. I’m a huge fan!!

Toddler parents unite!

After three episodes, I already love this podcast. Blaire and Molly are both so hilarious, and they make me feel like I’m having a conversation with my two funniest friends. The stories and discussions are interesting and engaging, and it’s fun to listen to. Toddler parents need both informative dialogue and comic relief, and these awesome ladies serve up both.

Funny and down to earth

So excited to hear two new voices in the parenting space. Funny, real and relatable it’s like hanging out with down-to-Earth friends who have some real wisdom to impart.

Fun Support for Moms

Two smart and amusing moms telling it like it is!


These ladies are hilarious! It’s like listening in on a conversation with mom friends. Thanks, WFH for this new podcast!


I’m right in the tick of it. 1yr & 3yr old girls. Newer SAHM. This is just what my heart needed! We aren’t done having babies yet but my preschooler is pushing those limits HARD lately. This is such a light hearted but needed show. I love WFH & now TP!❤️

Funny and relatable

So hilarious. I think they’re inside my head.

Supportive and funny

My kids are way past toddlerhood, and yet I still find this podcast so helpful! Brooks and Lloyd are hilarious and affirming, with lots of practical strategies and empathy. The high-energy encouragement that toddler (and tween?) parents need!

It’s a good trailer!

Looking forward to the first episode of this show!