Jan. 24, 2023

Small Budget Changes That Add Up

Small Budget Changes That Add Up

Do you need to douse yourself with cold water in order to get up the courage to look in your bank account? We asked our listeners about bite-sized budget tips that make paying their monthly bills a little less stressful.

Do you look in your bank account and wonder where all your money has gone? We asked our listeners for the small ways they save and and budget every month to make money less of a mystery.

Molly and Blaire discuss:

  • Blaire's amazing Poshmark selling skills
  • Why it's important to pay yourself first
  • Sinking funds

Investing a little bit of time in some of these solutions reaps big rewards budget-wise, so seriously, start eensy teensy tiny. Look in your fridge to see what you need to use up before going to the store. Join Facebook Marketplace or your local "Buy Nothing" group. Budgeting is a muscle that you have to exercise consistently in order to get good at it, so give yourself some grace!

Here are all the resources we mentioned in the episode!

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