Dec. 21, 2021

Making Memories (Not Meltdowns) At The Holidays

Making Memories (Not Meltdowns) At The Holidays

Emotions always run high this time of year, as does the pressure to “make memories” with our kids. Here’s how we’re trying to lean into the unexpected for the holidays. There is so much fun and joy in the surrender of being just a little bit silly.

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“Making memories” with our kids is always a fraught proposition, but when they’re checking for the elf every morning and whipped into a general holiday frenzy, the tears and tantrums are often pretty close to the surface. 

Child specialist Merete Kropp says we can reset the “gimme gimmes” by teaching our kids that giving and receiving are reciprocal actions. By explain the gifts you’re giving to others, and the intentions behind them, kids can focus more on the joy of giving than their own expectations. At least sometimes. 

It’s always worth doing what we can to soften into the joys of karaoke Christmas carols and driving around looking at the lights. When we create memories with our children, the true gifts we are giving them are the tools to become who they are. There is so much fun and joy in the surrender of being just a little bit silly.

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