Jan. 3, 2023

Easy and Fun Projects for Kids (with guest Erica Domesek)

Easy and Fun Projects for Kids (with guest Erica Domesek)

"What are we doing today, Mom?" Never stress about answering this dreaded question again with Erica Domesek's book "P.S.– We Made This," which is chock-full of creative and colorful at-home projects - no trip to Michael's required!

How do we get our kids away from screens without breaking the bank or planning elaborate outings? Erica Domesek's new book "P.S. - We Made This!" has plenty of ideas for kids' crafts that require zero shopping, zero traveling, and zero (okay, minimal) stress.

Erica Domesek is a social media maven, and an extremely cool + crafty parent! She is the founder of the innovative DIY lifestyle brand P.S.–I Made This, which launched in 2009. She has been a distinguished expert in the areas of design and style as well as a leader in brand marketing for 15 years. PS.–We Made This: Super Fun Crafts that Grow Smarter and Healthier Kids follows in the footsteps of her first two books, offering similarly creative and colorful at-home projects– but now invites the whole family to join in the fun! 

Molly, Blaire, and Erica discuss:

  • Being artistic vs. being crafty
  • How to use what you have around the house for crafts rather than buying materials

Here's where you can find Erica:

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