March 14, 2023

Date Night Ideas

Date Night Ideas

Has it been too long since you and your partner had an uninterrupted conversation, let alone a date night? Here's how to bring regular - or at least semi-regular - blocks of time for yourselves back into the mix.

How do we make time for our partners when all of our time is taken up with work and kids? We asked our listeners for date night ideas ranging from fancy to simple - and how to work those special times into your regular schedule.

Molly and Blaire discuss:

  • How to schedule and stick with regular date nights
  • Why regular dates are beneficial for you, your partner, and your kids
  • Cheddar Bay biscuits

The secret to date night is it doesn't have to be fancy - it can be anything from a walk around the block to a night out on the town hopping from restaurant to restaurant - or you can stay home and roast up a nice moose - whatever you prefer.


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