Nov. 22, 2022

You vs. Your Kid's School (And How To Get on the Same Page)

You vs. Your Kid's School (And How To Get on the Same Page)

Does your child's teacher discipline or educate differently than you would like? Before you march down to the principal's office, here are some ways to have a constructive, calm discussion about your concerns with your child's teacher.

Is your child learning values or lessons at school that are not in line with your own? Do they discipline in a way that you don't agree with? It's not unusual for teachers and parents to butt heads over a child's learning. Here's how to address the problem without coming in too hot.

Blaire and Molly discuss:

  • The importance of finding (and staying) calm before starting a discussion
  • How to find common ground with your child's teacher
  • Constructive methods for finding a solution together

Coming in with facts, not feelings, is key. When our kids are involved, it's easy to get emotional and heavily invested in a situation. But it's important to remember that both you and your child's teacher want what's best for your kid.


Sherri Gordon for Verywell Family: "What to Do If You Disagree With Your Child's Teacher"

Lisa Van Gemert: "6 Steps to Take When School Isn’t Meeting the Needs of Your Child"

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