Sept. 13, 2022

Stuff We Swore We'd Never Say (But Still Do)

Stuff We Swore We'd Never Say (But Still Do)

Ever have a moment where you say something to your kid, and suddenly, somehow, it’s your mom talking? You’re not alone. Here are the things that we- and the #todpurgs fam- swore we’d never say as parents, and somehow do anyway.

We asked the #todpurgs listeners: what are the things your parents said that you SWORE you'd never say to your own kids– and yet still do? You all brought the answers... and here are some of our faves.

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Here is the link to the article Molly and Blaire reference in the episode:

Charlotte Hilton Andersen for Redbook Magazine: "21 Things Parents Used to Say That Would Shock Millennial Parents"

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