June 28, 2022

Sports: Which Ones, What Ages, and Why

Sports: Which Ones, What Ages, and Why

Molly and Blaire discuss healthy ways to introduce all kinds of sports to young kids, what’s important to remember when getting kids to move their bodies, and why theater should be considered a competitive sport too.

How young is too young to drive your kid three states away for a lacrosse tournament? Is it 5? (Yes, yes it is.) It's tempting to use sports to teach our kids valuable lessons, tire them out, and groom them for the Olympics. But sports for young kids are intrinsically valuable, even without structure, competition, or score keeping. And why would you want your kids to grow up to make millions of dollars a year playing baseball when they could be actors, anyway?

In this episode, Molly and Blaire discuss:

  • How sports both help and hurt young kids
  • How to instill a love of sports in kids, minus unhealthy competition mindsets
  • How to incorporate all kinds of fun activities into kids' schedules

Here are the links to some of the resources mentioned in the show:

Patty Onderko for parenting.com: "Toddler Sports"

Kelly Wallace for CNN: "How to make your kid hate sports without really trying"

Spooky Nook Sports: "How To Get Kids Interested In Sports - Best Sports For Kids"

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