Oct. 12, 2021

Your Sleep Questions Answered (with guest Becca Campbell of Little Z Sleep)

Your Sleep Questions Answered (with guest Becca Campbell of Little Z Sleep)

Becca Campbell is the founder and creator of Little Z Sleep Consulting. In this episode she solves our listeners’ sleep dilemmas, from the newborn who is up all night to the kindergartener who is still napping at daycare. We discuss what “overtired” looks like, when to drop that nap, and lots more.

Studies indicate that up to 50% of children experience a sleep problem. When babies and kids don't sleep moms don't sleep either– so this week we're talking to a sleep expert! Becca Campbell is the founder and creator of Little Z’s® Sleep Consulting , where parents can easily get sleep help through online courses for children ages 0-5 years old. Becca's courses and her Little Z's Sleep Podcast have helped thousands of families around the world make sleep a thing.

In this episode Becca brings the knowledge on

  • the four types of newborns
  • how sleep schedules should change a little bit every month during your child's first year of life
  • the right age to drop the naps for good
  • when kids can successfully share a room (and sleep at night)
  • what "overtired" looks like in a toddler
  • what to do when your kid naps at daycare, and then isn't tired at bedtime

Doing the extra work around sleep is worth it in the long run– and Becca is full of terrific advice.

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