Dec. 14, 2021

Sibling Rivalry

Sibling Rivalry

Is the sibling in-fighting at your house driving you batty? Are the screaming manifestations of our kids’ rivalry a harmless rite of passage? Or something we need to push back on? And when we do decide to step in, what actually works?

If you have more than one kid, you are pretty familiar with sibling rivalry. The constant squabbling can drive us nuts, but it’s important to remember that it’s less about whatever toy they’re fighting over at the moment than about birth order, family dynamics, and their competing desires for our attention.

We can’t stop the bickering forever, but there are ways to minimize conflict and maximize productive resolution. We discuss the best ways to set our kids up for success. 

Here are links to some writing on the topic that we discuss in this episode: 

Cleveland Clinic Health Essentials: 10 Tips For Dealing With Sibling Rivalry

Ask Dr. Sears: Sibling Rivalry: 20 Tips to Stop the Friction

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