March 29, 2022

Potty Training, Anyone?

Potty Training, Anyone?

Potty-training advice ranges from "they'll figure it out by college" to "they have to be trained by September 1st to enroll in preschool.” When it comes to getting our little ones out of diapers, what works? What doesn’t? How do we stay sane?

All parents look forward to the day when they can get their kids out of diapers once and for all, but when it comes to potty training the process is rarely a straight line.

In our Facebook group a listener wrote in to say:

I'm a first-time mom to an almost 3-year-old. We started potty training and I am starting to understand why some animals eat their young. Our very strong-willed daughter seems to know EXACTLY what buttons to push to send me right to the edge of the edge! Can someone tell me how to not scream into a pillow each night after the constant potty training power struggle?

Good news! Potty training IS survivable. Some keys to success are:

  • Looking for signs your child is ready
  • Being careful not to push potty training when other developmental milestones are occurring
  • Remembering to focus on what kids are doing right
  • Finding the methods that work for you and your child
  • Accepting that regressions happen and that they are not a sign of failure

Whatever method you choose remember to keep it fun (yes, we know, easier said than done). With a positive outlook potty training can be about quality time between you and your child– and most importantly, it can work!

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