Oct. 26, 2021

Little Kid Rules

Little Kid Rules

Our kids are tiny dictators who rule our lives with extreme arbitrariness. Whether it's demanding that "only Daddy" strap them into their car seats, or dictates about how toilet paper should be ripped, Toddler Purgatory has a ton of Little Kid Rules.

Do you have a kid who insists that a sandwich is inedible unless it is cut in half instead on the diagonal? A child who won't allow you to sing in the car? A little one who insists that every truck that is not a pickup truck must be deemed a "regular truck"? If so, you have labored under the strict dictatorship of Little Kid Rules.

On this episode Blaire and Molly dive in to why little kids have such strong rules, why they expect adults to follow them, and which members of the What Fresh Hell Facebook Group are currently toiling under some very specific dictates from their tiny bosses!

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