March 22, 2022

Kids and Their Comfort Items

Kids and Their Comfort Items

Is losing your toddler's lovey your worst possible nightmare? You're not alone. Those blankets, binkies, and stuffies hold a lot of power over our kids. So how do we handle the pressure? And how do we help our kids when it's time to let them go.

Any one who has had a toddler knows the terror that surfaces whenever a lovey (let's say Mr. Bunny) goes missing.

About 60% of babies adopt some sort of transitional object at around 9 months old. This is when little ones start to separate from parents (and, in fact, when they begin to understand that their parent is a separate person). Once a kid bonds with "Mr. Bunny", you may worry they'll be taking him to college. But there are ways to gently wean your child off comfort items in time.

In this episode, Molly and Blaire discuss:

  • Why comfort items are a sign of healthy growth
  • How to start the weaning process
  • Why there will be ups and downs as kids learn to live without their comfort items

Here are links to some of the resources referenced in this episode:

Alice Allan for La Leche League International: "Comfort Items and Attachment Parenting"

Lindsey Konkel for What to Expect: Why Do Some Babies Need Comfort Items (Or "Transitional Objects")?

Marnell Jameson for "6 Tips for Weaning Your Child's Comfort Object"

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