Jan. 10, 2023

Is Sharing Caring?

Is Sharing Caring?

What are we really teaching kids when we force them to share with others? Is it a lesson about caring and kindness, or is it more about obligation and social customs? Molly and Blaire discuss why sharing isn't necessarily always caring.

Sharing is caring, right? We were all raised to believe that sharing is an important part of polite social interactions. But as adults, we would be taken aback if abruptly asked to share something we were using, like our phone. So why do we insist that our kids share toys with complete strangers at a moment's notice? Here's when– and why– it's ok NOT to share.

Molly and Blaire discuss:

  • The difference between making kids share and encouraging them to share
  • What forced sharing teaches kids
  • What to say to turn-giving kids and to waiting kids when encouraging sharing

Role-playing with your child to practice polite yet assertive behavior is a great way to start the conversation about when and why it's appropriate to share.


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