Aug. 24, 2021

Is My Kid Ready For School?

Is My Kid Ready For School?

Kindergarten isn’t just blocks and snacks anymore! Are our kids ready to start school? We discuss what "school readiness" actually entails, how we’re prepping at home and what to do if your kid just isn’t ready for the demands of a long academic day.

Are our kids ready to start school? Are *we* ready to let them go? It's complex. In this episode we talk about how we've gotten our kids ready for their new school experiences, what "school readiness" actually entails, and what options might be available if you believe your youngster is not developmentally ready for the demands of an all-day academic program.

Here are links to some resources and articles we discuss in this episode:

Fiona Tapp for Parents: Kindergarten Readiness Skills: A Checklist for Parents

Scholastic Parents: Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten? The Skills They'll Need This Fall

Jessica Smock for Scary Mommy: It’s Okay If Your 5-Year-Old Isn’t Ready For Kindergarten

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