Feb. 1, 2022

Getting Kids Outside: It Really Is Worth It (with guest Meghan Fitzgerald)

Getting Kids Outside: It Really Is Worth It (with guest Meghan Fitzgerald)

We discuss why it’s worth the effort to get our kids playing outside, even in cold or rainy weather, with guest Meghan Fitzgerald of Tinkergarten, which offers purposeful play opportunities for kids that get them away outdoors together in nature.

Kids today only spend half as much time playing outside as we did. It can be a hassle to get them bundled up and to the playground on a drizzly spring afternoon– or to clean half the floors in your house after a trip to your own snowy backyard. But there are many skills that kids gain both from self-directed and “purposeful play,” and experts say that's particularly true when that play happens outdoors.

Our guest Meghan Fitzgerald is the co-founder of Tinkergarten, which offers purposeful play opportunities for children and families that gets them away from screens and outdoors together in nature. Meghan tells us her favorite get-them-outside activities, and why even the coldest or rainiest days offer rewards that really are worth bundling everyone up. 

Here are links to some writing on the topic that we discuss in this episode: 




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