May 3, 2022

Celebrating Our Moms (Happy Mother's Day!)

Celebrating Our Moms (Happy Mother's Day!)

Alright, moms! It’s Mother’s Day, the one day a year when you get to relax! (Or at least it feels like it, huh?) Molly and Blaire interview their own moms in this special episode to get a glimpse of how motherhood has evolved over time.

It’s the most relaxing 24 hours of the year! What’s your one wish, moms? Breakfast in bed? Lunch in bed? Dinner in bed? Oh, all day in bed. That’s actually an excellent wish…

In this special Mother’s Day episode, Molly and Blaire interview their own mothers to find out what their mothers wished were different in their own time and how they view motherhood today.

In this episode, Molly’s and Blaire’s mothers, Lynn and Peggy, discuss:

  • What they wish they’d had when they were raising kids
  • Which is better—being a mom or a grandmom
  • How phones and social media have impacted parenting 

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