Aug. 16, 2022

At Home With Covid: How to Make It Through Your Entire Family Being Sick At The Same Time

At Home With Covid: How to Make It Through Your Entire Family Being Sick At The Same Time

What happens when an entire family goes down with Covid-19? Blaire can tell you all about it, as this happened to her last week! Here are some strategies for dealing with the virus when it takes down multiple family members.

Well, everyone on the Toddler Purgatory/ What Fresh Hell team got Covid this summer, despite the fact that we work in different states! Blaire had a really bad time of it: her entire family came down with the virus all at once, and her kids felt pretty ill. Blaire and Molly discuss their own experiences with sick families and well-researched advice about how to deal with it in your own household if Covid comes knocking.

Note: Blaire and Molly discuss the most recent info available on the Covid-19 pandemic, but that info is subject to change. For the most up-to-date info about Covid-19, visit

If you are need of urgent childcare, you can call 211 or to go online to where you can request assistance in finding local community resources that may be able to provide support.

Here are some of the studies and resources Blaire and Molly reference:

Juan Dumois et. al from Johns Hopkins: "Getting Real: When Covid-19 Enters a Busy Household"

Emily Sohn for National Geographic: "Is Omicron really less severe than Delta? Here's what the science says."

Kathy Katella for Yale Medicine: "Omicron, Delta, Alpha, and More: What To Know About the Coronavirus Variants"

The Mayo Clinic: "Covid-19 in Babies and Children"

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